Infinity Spree is an alternative rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The lightning trio continues to shock and awe audiences with their high-energy live performances characterized by uplifting digital beats. The sharp hooks and honest lyrics stem from a pact that bassist Kurt Unthank, drummer/vocalist Nick Heffron, and keyboardist/vocalist Mike Heffron made together in 2015 to only create music true to their hearts. The brothers trade off songwriting duties, further expanding the message and range of the band. With many styles and multiple singers, it’s difficult to fit Infinity Spree into any specific genre category, and they like it that way.

Their new EP "Guides" speaks volumes for the creative musical adventure that Infinity Spree takes you on. Themes of love, conflict, rejection, and hope fill each of the record's four tracks. The Heffron brothers differing perspectives keep listeners spellbound for all four tracks.

Since it's release, "Guides," has been featured on:
88.9FM Class X Radio
100.7FM Cincinnati's The Project
102.7FM WEBN Cincinnati Featured Song

This summer Infinity Spree can be found making waves at music festivals across Ohio and gearing up for a fall-winter tour. Keep up with the boys on social media to stay plugged into the Spree.

Michael Heffron - vocals, keyboards
Nick Heffron - vocals, drums, guitars
Kurtis Unthank - vocals, bass guitar